EARPS is a network of volunteers who are dedicated to fostering and caring for our incoming rescue animals. We are always in need of foster homes for any kind of small creature! If you are interested in fostering a rat, a bunny, a hamster, a bird, or anything in particular, please reach out or fill out our volunteer form online! If you choose to volunteer with us in person, you will also receive a liability release to complete.

What does fostering entail?

Foster families take an animal into their home and are responsible for its care, feeding, housing and wellbeing. EARPS can provide supplies and housing for your foster pet when you first receive it. EARPS will also provide for vet care for your foster. If you should choose to cover any of these costs, then any money you may spend caring for your fosters is tax-deductible, as is the mileage you drive while transporting them. EARPS will also ask you to help with pictures and a description of your foster in order to list them on Petfinder. Since you will know your animal best, we’d love to learn more about what makes them special and why they will be someone’s perfect pet!

Volunteer hours

If you need to complete volunteer hours in the Indianapolis area, please think of volunteering for EARPS. We can always use foster homes, and we are always in need of volunteers willing to transport animals around the Indianapolis area. We also love volunteers for our events where we take adoptable animals to meet the public! If you are not in the Indianapolis area or in search of a different type of volunteer effort, please contact us as we can always use administrative help on our website, social media channels and our animal rescue software program.


Don’t have the time but would still like to help? We always need supplies! Check out our wish list for more information.